Friday, July 30, 2010

On the Road Again

Last weekend, we went to Corpus Christi to visit Bill's family. It is less than a four hour drive so it seemed very short compared to our last trip! We left a little before bedtime Wednesday evening and came home after dinner on Sunday.

Here is a video with some clips from the trip:

Our kids with their cousins: Kinsley holding Caylee, Dalton, Mark, Kate, David, Ali, John and Becca. The kids were surprisingly cooperative with picture taking! It was one of our easiest photo shoots ever!

Bill's mom with her kids (Beth, Carrie and Bill) and all 9 grandchildren

Beth had her first baby about 5 weeks ago. Since she and her husband chose to be surprised by the gender, they did a meet and greet after the birth instead of a pre-birth shower. We really enjoyed meeting Caylee! She is beautiful and so sweet! Beth is a total natural as a mother!

Bill and I took the kids (ours plus cousins Kinsley and Dalton) to the Texas State Aquarium on Thursday. Some of the kids didn't sleep that well in the car the night before, so they were a little tired, but they still had a great time! We took a wagon and a double stroller and rotated who rode and who walked.

The dolphins were one of the highlights.

We stayed at Mimi's (Bill's mom's) house. She was very kind to give up her space and help borrow beds so we wouldn't have to pack five of them. She had groceries and toys plus lots of goodies ready for us! The kids really enjoyed the paintbrushes for water-painting the fence, bubbles, the beach ball, and more!

Mimi reading to Dalton, Mark, John and Becca

Dalton, Kinsley and Mark. All the kids enjoyed their cousins, but Mark most of all! He is old enough that he really enjoyed playing with them!

On Friday, we went to Nanaw's (Bill's grandmother's) house / farm. The kids had a fantastic time! They loved playing in the house and playing outside! Nanaw with Mark, Becca, Ali, Kate, David and John.

The boys seemed to take a special liking to Nanaw! They climbed in her lap, held her hand and just generally wanted to be near her!

Mark and Nanaw with her tractor. Of course that was a big hit with all the kids! Unfortunately it was too wet to take rides in it.

Sitting at Nanaw's bar ready for lunch!

The kids were a little restless Friday afternoon after nap, so Bill and I took them to the grocery store for an outing. This picture seems very normal to me, but based on the looks and comments (all positive) we received, I'm guessing it didn't look that normal to everyone else!